The 30 Day Challenge

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  1. Really truly examine your fatphobia. What’s so wrong with being fat? Is thinness the only way for you to love yourself? What happens once you do get thin? What happens if I do lose the weight and still don’t love myself? What if I never get thin? What’s the real worst case scenario?
  2. Examine your fears and figure out what you’re TRULY afraid of. For me it was a fear of abandonment, or the idea that I had to be perfect to be loved. So then through therapy I found ways to reframe this fear and think about all the people I loved. Weren’t they flawed also? Did I love them less? Did I ever allow a weight fluctuation to get in the way of a friendship? No, so why would anyone do that to me?
  3. Figure out non appearance related benefits to diet/exercise. At the end of the day being in shape really does other wonderful things for me. I sleep better, my moods are more stable, and I feel good when I feel strong. With eating clean my energy levels are higher, I poop better, I have less issues with indigestion and acidity.
  4. Find a system that works well for you. After years and years of trial and error, for me currently, mixing strength training, long walks and short runs 3 times a week really helps me. I like working out at home or in solitude better than going to a gym or being in a class. I also found intermittent fasting to be really beneficial. It allows me to eat what I want without the physical discomfort and skin issues that come with over eating or eating badly.
  5. Go to therapy. Mental and physical health work hand in hand. For a lot of people, focusing on physical health can help their mental health. But I promise you that a coach or trainer can take you only that far. They can’t always address the underlying issues that will come crawling out when you begin training. If you find yourself confronting long lost fears, or falling into a legitimate eating disorder, therapy can help you. If you’re willing to pay a trainer or coach, you can consider paying a mental health professional also.




Actor, Struggler, Agony Aunt

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Urvashi H.V.

Urvashi H.V.

Actor, Struggler, Agony Aunt

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